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The Hoosier Abortion Fund is still open!

Every dollar makes a difference.

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The Hoosier Abortion Fund is still open!

The All-Options Hoosier Abortion Fund offers hope and resources to people who need abortion care, but would otherwise be unable to afford it. We provide judgment-free financial, logistical, and emotional support to anyone in Indiana seeking abortion care, regardless of their age, gender, insurance, income, or immigration status.

When the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Indiana lawmakers voted to ban abortion in the state, with very few exceptions. It’s a confusing and scary time for people seeking abortion care, but our Hoosier Abortion Fund is here to help folks find and pay for the abortion care they need out of state.

Like the majority of people in Indiana, All-Options opposes this ban and knows that the burden will fall hardest on those who are already most marginalized and struggling to make ends meet. We will keep showing up for Hoosiers every day, and fighting back against this cruel and unjust law.

Your donation today supports Hoosiers who need abortion care and are forced to travel out of state or to navigate the narrow exceptions to the ban. Your donation also sends a message that everyone deserves to make their own reproductive decisions, with dignity and support.

Join our fight for abortion justice in Indiana now!