We are #HoosierAF. image

We are #HoosierAF.

Indiana may not fund abortion care, but we sure do! Every dollar makes a difference.

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You can help make abortion access a reality for all Hoosiers!

In Indiana today, no insurance covers abortion care, and the average cost of a procedure is $685 – not to mention the costs of travel, child care, and lost wages from time off work in a state that doesn’t guarantee any paid sick time. Indiana also has the second most abortion restrictions of any state, and the challenges of the last two years have only made it even harder to access abortion care.

The All-Options Hoosier Abortion Fund offers hope and resources to people who need abortion care, but would otherwise be unable to afford it. We provide judgment-free financial, logistical, and emotional support to any Hoosier seeking abortion care, regardless of their age, gender, insurance, income, or immigration status.

Your donation today sends a loud and clear message that everyone deserves to make their own reproductive decisions, with dignity and support. As anti-abortion politicians put up more and more barriers to abortion care, we have to be there for each other – and your gift is a powerful act of compassion in an increasingly hostile environment.

Be #HoosierAF and join our fight for abortion access in Indiana now!